What do the cuts to 62 bus mean to you?

GL11 are extremely concerned to hear about the latest cuts to vital bus services within Cam and Dursley. We took it upon ourselves to create a short video to highlight the views of local people.


A recent article taken from Dursley Gazette explains more –

A VITAL bus service which provides a lifeline to hundreds of people in Dursley is set to be cut in less than three weeks.

Councillors and passengers alike have aired their disappointment at bus provider Stagecoach’s plans to reduce the service from Dursley to Gloucester from hourly to two hourly from September 2.

“This is going to have a profoundly negative impact on people who commute for work, students, hospital patients and those who use this service to get to and from Cam station,” said Cllr Wendy Thomas, who is chairwoman of the Cam and Dursley Transportation Group (CDTG).

At the moment, the 60 and 62 both run from Dursley to Gloucester. But from the start of next month, the 62 will stop doing so, and will run between Bristol, Berkeley and Dursley only.

“I’m livid over the changes,” said one passenger, who has asked not to be named.

“We will have to lose working hours, and therefore wages.

“And we will have a long wait after work for the next bus.”

Although the cuts have been confirmed, precise information currently available about the changes is sketchy.

At the time of going to press yesterday, the new timetable was yet to be released.

This has been causing anxiety for passengers, who are as yet unsure whether or not they will be able to reach their destinations on time.

James O’Neill, commercial manager at Stagecoach West, said: “Our bus services between Gloucester and Dursley run on a commercial basis, with the revenue collected in fares needing as a minimum to cover our cost of operation.

“Sadly, patronage has continued to decline on this service, despite efforts to encourage new custom through improved links to Cam & Dursley station, a faster route into Gloucester and newer, Wi-Fi fitted buses.

“This level of loss is unsustainable and so we have taken the difficult decision to change our timetable to better match actual customer demand.

“We appreciate that some customers may be frustrated by this decision, but we have ensured that all existing bus stops will continue to receive a service going forward.”

MP David Drew said: “We are working on this with Dursley Town Council to keep the service in a slightly modified form.

“I’m hopeful a compromise might be reached.”

As the Gazette went to press, CDTG was hosting a meeting with councillors and Stagecoach officials.