GL11 Community Hub started as a Children’s Home and later became a Family Centre, caring for children and the elderly, and was faced with closure. A group of local mums knew that losing the much needed centre would be a loss to the community and came together with local councillors to save the day. The result was GL11 Community Project set up as a charity in late 2001.

As an organisation we changed our structure in 2009 – becoming a limited company as well as a charity, and our Trustees now oversee the employment of several part-time or sessional staff and a dedicated team of volunteers.

More recently in 2014, we changed our name to GL11 Community Hub, reflecting our place in the heart of Cam & Dursley.

Over the last decade, we have developed three main strands to our work which provide something for all ages through: 1. A training & education programme, 2. A range of drop-in social groups and activities, 3. Volunteering opportunities and employment support.

Today, GL11 is helping to create a friendly, happy, successful community in Cam & Dursley. Our aims are to improve well-being, reduce isolation, increase employability, bring people together and provide an inclusive space for the whole local community.

We are always looking to the future and aim to evolve and grow with our community and respond as and when it needs us to.

For more information about the work we do here, how to get involved, become a member, or offer support, contact us or drop by. You’ll be sure of a warm welcome!