Llahnie first started coming to GL11 as a one-year old baby, attending Bright Buttons with her Mum Caron. Having grown up attending a variety of groups and  activities at GL11, twelve years later Llahnie is a valued and active volunteer, helping support the weekly Adventure Play for children aged 6 – 9 years old.

Llahnie explains the impact that GL11 has had on her: “I’ve not had a bad moment at GL11, it’s so different from school. Here I can let off steam and have deep chats about anything with Cathryn and Tom. Whereas school teaches you about jobs and stuff, GL11 teaches you how to make friends, how to play outdoors, how to make and cook by a fire.

I feel normal here, GL11 is non-judgemental. I’ve made loads of friends and no longer feel lonely. I now  volunteer at Adventure Play, helping with camp fire cooking and helping the younger children sort out their arguments!”

GL11’s Adventure Play focuses on outdoor play with children using their imagination in the safety of GL11’s garden. Screens and technology play no part in the activities, instead children are encouraged to play freely outside all year round. The sessions put an emphasis on physical literacy, children are encouraged to change the play space by building rope swings, dens, go-karts and making things to play with. The result is highly engaged and active forms of play, children play cooperatively, developing capacities for exploration, problem-solving and intellectual development.

Tom Williams, Adventure Play Worker has known Llahnie for several years, “Llahnie says at school they ‘wrap her up in cotton wool’ and overly worry and check on her. At GL11 despite her severe asthma and allergy conditions she is a wonderfully positive young person. She’s confident, articulate, curious, highly  active, always willing to try new things. GL11 gives her the opportunity to be that intuitive and creative      person.”

“GL11 has just been fantastic for Llahnie in so many ways” reflects Mum Caron, “I’ve been part of GL11 for over 12 years, but I hadn’t actually realised how much the place has impacted on her and my life until I recently really thought about it. Coming to Adventure Play provides Llahnie with positive male role models, which is particularly important, as I am a single parent. She really respects and values her time with Tom and Jamie, an adult with learning disabilities who also volunteers at GL11. GL11 has given Llahnie a good working ethic, she understands more about working life and this gives her a better understanding of her own future”.

Adventure Play

GL11’s Adventure Play runs during term time on a Tuesday, 4-6pm and is open to children aged 6-9 years of age. Sessions cost £3. Activities include campfire cooking, outdoor games, junk modelling and much more! Please give us a call on 01453 548530 for more information or to book a place.