Joyce has been living in Cam for 53 years, having moved to the area after marrying her husband David in 1966.  Late in 2017, David was diagnosed with cancer and admitted to hospital for treatment.  Joyce supported David through his treatment, visiting him daily and spending as much time as she could with him. In October 2018 David sadly passed away at age 75.

“It was a hard time for me”, comments Joyce “Even though I have my son Stephen and his family close by I was lonely at home.  I missed David so much, we had been a couple for 52 years and we did everything together.  Sometime after the funeral, my good friend Thelma suggested I get out of the house and go with her to GL11 and take part in their Thursday club Feet, Food and Friendship”.

“Our Thursday activities are dedicated to our unique Feet, Food and Friendship programme” explains Cathryn Trace, key worker on the project. “We work in partnership with Marnie, our community Chiropodist who provides chiropody treatments, our Hubcafe@GL11 provides a hot and nutritious two course meal and we run group activities including crafts, quizzes, art and chat, bingo and visiting speakers. We also hold monthly hearing aid and spectacle repair clinics.   I work closely with those who attend to find out what activities would suit them and what support they may need.  I first met Joyce during a very painful time in her life having just lost her husband.  With suddenly having to get used to a new life without David, Joyce began to experience feelings of loneliness and isolation.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Joyce and over time she’s really found her place here at GL11.  Joyce now also attends the Stitching Time group; knitting being one of Joyce’s many crafting talents!  She’s also booked to run a free session on decorative card making using die cutting machines”.

“Coming to GL11 has brought me out of myself. I have always been quite shy and not a big mixer, but the Stitching Time ladies have accepted me.  I am a keen sewer and knitter and some of my work can be quite complicated, so I don’t bring it into GL11.  I do, however, bring my skills and knowledge and enthusiasm and really enjoy helping the ladies with their stich-craft” adds Joyce. “GL11 does some fantastic work, I have made friends here, some of whom I see outside of GL11, like my friend Evelyn – we go to Slimming World together.  I still miss David greatly but there are so many familiar faces at GL11 I don’t feel so lonely nowadays”.

Feet, Food and Friendship

Feet, Food and Friendship is funded by Gloucestershire County Council’s Thriving Communities Grants.  Projects supported help people to stay well and live independently as long as possible; make a positive difference to the local community; help to promote social engagement and create connections; build confidence and provide activities; social groups and learning opportunities; support and empower people to act for themselves and create meeting spaces that are safe and accessible for all.