Jacob is 9 years old and is home educated with Mum Charlotte taking the lead on his learning.  Since summer 2019 Jacob has been attending GL11’s Adventure Play Time with some great results.

“Jacob has autism and found school a challenge.  Since April 2017 I have been home schooling him which does mean that up until recently, he has not had much opportunity to mix and socialise with other children and adults”, comments Mum Charlotte. “I am so pleased that Jacob attends Adventure Play Time. Since coming Jacob has become more self-aware and his sense of wellbeing has improved dramatically. He loves to dance and listen to music. The Play Time leaders are fantastic, they focus on active play, so he gets to have a go on the go-karts and be active for the 2 hours he is here.  Adventure Play is such a secure and nurturing environment. I can leave him knowing in my heart that he is safe and well cared for. This respite also gives me the opportunity to keep on top of some chores and lately I have been spending this time focusing on me and I’ve managed to get back into reading books which is one of my passions”.

“Going to Adventure Play gives me confidence and makes me happy”, adds Jacob. “I particularly like Jamie but enjoy talking to all the staff including Cathy in Reception because we talk about cameras and phones! There are lots of different things to do, I love the trikes and enjoy the music because it means I can dance, and it’s good fun to be outdoors.  I really love going to Adventure Play!”

GL11’s Adventure Play Time is different to other clubs or school where children are overloaded with competitive games, expectation and testing. Instead GL11 puts the emphasis on children ‘being’ outside all year round, letting off steam after a hard day at school, playing in a way that makes them feel happy and alive.

Tom, Adventure Play worker at GL11 explains “I love that fact that Jacob has chosen to come to Adventure Play Time. It is a real indicator that GL11 are providing a truly inclusive play session. We have always tried to provide a play space where children could feel safe, secure and most importantly have the freedom to be themselves. I think Jacob really enjoys that.

Jacob is not the only child with vulnerabilities at Adventure Play Time. Many of the children who come have things that need ‘to be played out’ in a supportive environment. The result is a weekly play session that is full of moments of excitement, adventure and exploration for children and staff! We love it too!”

Adventure Play Time

GL11’s Adventure Play runs during term time on a Tuesday, 4-6pm and is open to children aged 6-9 years of age. Sessions cost £3. Activities include campfire cooking, outdoor games, junk modelling and much more! Please give us a call on 01453 548530 for more information or to book a place.