The Cliff Family

Mum of three boys, Jo, has benefitted from GL11’s work for a couple of years now, with 8- year-old Liam and older brother Byron attending GL11’s Adventure Play Time and Liam also taking part in the Calm Club, a joint partnership project between GL11 and Cam Woodfields Junior School.

“Liam, my middle boy is living with a brain injury as a result of getting Meningococcal Septicaemia as a 10-month-old baby. He is very loving boy but can be quite hard work at times. He loves his football and being active and Adventure Play Time gives him an opportunity to let off steam and energy whilst building relationships outside of the immediate family” explains Mum Jo. “His first year at juniors’ school was particularly challenging, it was tough, constant detentions, a real struggle for him. I dreaded picking him up from school. He then got selected to take part in the Calm Club. His behaviour has improved massively, he is getting the adult attention he craves which has boosted his confidence and self-esteem.  He feels special and is now on his 3rd Diamond Award from school! I am so proud of him. Everything is coming together for him and a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Byron, my eldest son is such a good boy. He gives me a lot of help with his youngest brother Harrison who is autistic. Adventure Play Time has done so much for his self-esteem and just having fun. He can escape here and do things he can’t at home. It gives him a break to be himself, to get out of the house and be a 10-year-old. He is very fond of one of the Play Workers Tom and offloads his worries to him. Byron is aiming to become a Volunteer at Adventure Play Time which will only boost his confidence even more.

As a Mum of three boys, GL11 is an important part of our lives. Because of GL11 we are moving forward as a family. Dropping off Liam and Byron every Tuesday means I can spend quality time with my youngest son Harrison knowing that my other two are safe, cared for, valued and having fun at the same time. GL11 is a lifesaver for us!”

GL11’s Playworker Tom adds “Liam and Byron have really benefitted from Adventure Play Time. It’s proper old-fashioned play with children using their imagination in the safety of GL11’s garden. Screens and technology play no part in the activities, instead children are encouraged to play freely outside all year round. The sessions put an emphasis on physical health and well-being, children are encouraged to change the play space by building rope swings, dens, go-karts and cooking on an open fire. The result is highly engaged and active forms of play, children play cooperatively, developing capacities for exploration, problem-solving and emotional development.”

Adventure Play Time

GL11’s Adventure Play Time runs during term time on a Tuesday, 4-6pm and is open to children aged 6-9 years of age.